5 Lot Industrial Portfolio

Located on the corner of College Point Blvd & 41st Ave

Flushing, NY 11354



Buildable Sq. Ft

Zoning District

Facility FAR

Commercial FAR


Downtown Flushing


±41,870 Sq. Ft




LIRR, 7 Train, 20+ Bus Lines

We are very pleased to announce the sale of a 5 lot portfolio located on the corner of College Point Blvd and 41st Ave, in Flushing, Queens.

This 5 lot package was a piece of a broader portfolio of properties which was spread throughout the city. Project Queens was hired for the Flushing portion because of our hyper local expertise.

To value this set of properties, Project Queens relied on its relationships with local developers and other local brokers to establish the most realistic best and highest value.

What we came up with was that because of the incredible location and the potential value of a possible rezoning, the correct valuation was to take the full community facility BSF and list it for a whopping $325 per BSF.

Anyone unfamiliar with the market that uses conventional metrics could easily conclude that this is double what the price should be. We moved it for approximately $250 per CFBSF or $500 per BSF!

I am unbelievably grateful to have clients who are intelligent businessmen as well as good people. THANK YOU!