Project Queens represents the companies below in New York. We offer our clients A to Z resources, from property tours and negotiations to professional branding decks and creative support.

Alumni is a clothing boutique with a focus in streetwear brands and sneakers established in Crown Heights Brooklyn in 2013. The Brooklyn-born shop has opened stores in Flatbush and Downtown Flushing. Over the years, they’ve developed a wide selection of brand partners ranging from household names such as Nike, Adidas and Levi’s, to highly coveted brands including Canada Goose, CDG Play and Y-3. In addition, the boutique shop has landed collaborations amongst the likes of FILA, Jansport and Mitchell & Ness.

Mango Mango was established in NYC on June 2013. The aspect of their business is to serve traditional Hong Kong style sweet soup dessert alongside modern fusion sweets. They use the finest ingredients and a sophisticated method of cooking to create innovative handmade desserts to serve their customers. Most of their desserts are made with mango from the soup base to the pastries and drinks that they cater to their customers.